Unique Twist Pop Up Card, DIY Birthday Greeting Card Making

Unique Twist Pop Up Card, DIY Birthday Greeting Card Making

How to make a #Twist #Popup #Birthday #Greeting #Card.

Learn to make a turn pop up handmade birthday card step by step in this #DIY greeting card making tutorial by Crafting Hours.

Its a very unique style of card that will surely like by your loved one.

Our Crafting Hours channel will show you how to make a unique twist and pop up birthday card with this DIY card making tutorial. It is one of the best handmade greeting card designs.

So, get ready to make this DIY birthday card and give special birthday greetings to your friends and family. For making twist pop up card you will need following Material like….

1. Printed papers, Pastel Sheet, Cardboard for Cutout,
2. For coloring you will require Acrylic color, painting brush, some water,
3. Ruler for measurement, for cutting the sheets and design you will need bone folder tool, embossing tool.
4. Foam flowers will add more fine touch that looks nice and
5. General materials like scissor, pencil, eraser and
6. Glue gun for pasting the sheets.

All this material you can buy online at a very reasonable cost.

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