How to Fold an DIY : Origami 3D Cube

How to Fold an DIY : Origami 3D Cube

You can easily make Origami Cube like that. Check out this video for step by step instruction.
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Steps :
1) Take a square sheet of 15cms.
2) Fold in the centre and make a crease.
3) Now fold two edges to the centre crease.
4) Then fold it horizontally to make a vertical crease.
5) Now, bring the top left edge to meet the crease at the bottom as shown.
6) Then bring the bottom right edge to meet the crease at the top as shown.
7) Unfold and you will have two small triangle edges popping out.
8) Fold them inwards as shown.
9) Now place the top left edge below the bottom fold and insert the bottom right edge to the top fold as shown.
10) Turn the paper and fold the sharp edges to meet the centre as shown, your ‘side’ is ready.
11) Make 5 more, since we need 6 sides for a cube.
12) The following is the most trickiest part. but just be patient and follow the video.
13) First attach three sides as shown, then add one after another to the right sides to complete.

Have fun experimenting!

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