Handmade Valentine Pop Up Card – DIY Valentine I Love You Card

Handmade Valentine Pop Up Card – DIY Valentine I Love You Card

How To Make #Valentine I #Love You Pop Up #Card

Express your feelings to your sweetheart with a #popup valentine card. This Crafting Hours video will teach you the art of making an I Love You pop up card for Valentine’s Day.

n this card, an I Love You message pops up as soon as someone opens this beautiful card. Pop up cards are among the best handmade valentine cards that you can make for your lover.

After all, there is an altogether different charm of homemade Valentine card instead of commercial, store-bought cards. So, get ready with your crafting kits and watch this video for detailed instructions to make this pop up Valentine card.

Trust us that this would be one of the best #handmade love cards you can make for your special someone. If you want more valentine day card making ideas, you can check out other #DIY videos on Crafting Hours to discover different designs of Happy Valentine’s Day cards.

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