DIY Valentine Card – Twirling Heart Pop Up Card Step By Step

DIY Valentine Card – Twirling Heart Pop Up Card Step By Step

How to Make #Valentine #Twirling Heart Pop Up #Card for Your Lover. #DIY Valentine’s Day #Greeting Card Making.

Give a twist to your regular pop up cards and make a twirling heart card for Valentine’s Day.

This Crafting Hours video will teach you how to make special twirling card that will be loved by everyone. Out of all handmade Valentine card ideas, this one is one of the most unique love cards you will ever find. Plus it is also a type of pop up heart card as you can find spinning heart on opening this card.

Homemade valentine cards cannot get better than this one. This is also one of the best Valentine cards for kids who would love to swirl and twirl this handmade card. You will find easy step by step instructions to make this DIY valentine card.

Even if you have never made any handmade greeting cards before, you can easily make this Happy Valentine’s Day card! So, get ready to make this beautiful homemade valentine card and surprise your loved one on 14th February!

For more valentine card making ideas, check out other amazing DIY Valentine cards on Crafting Hours!

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