DIY Straw Hearts

DIY Straw Hearts

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DIY Straw Hearts
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DIY crafts have been on a steady rise over the years with people opting for these crafts, be it for passing time, making things for themselves that they can’t afford, to give their décors a personal touch or simply because the craft is their passion. It is a hassle-free way to spend your free time that is neither harmful to you nor wasteful.
DIY Straw Hearts
It is not uncommon to find gift boxes being stuffed with hearts, be it of paper, stone, marble, cloth or even satin. But, finding you gift box filled with hearts made of straw sure has got to be surprising. Yet, it is not hard to make these straw hearts. It is by following the following simple steps that I made pretty little hearts to stuff those little gift boxes with. So, why not you try it out too?
Drinking straws

1. First, take two drinking straws, and using your fingers, thoroughly flatten them.
2. Place one straw on top of the other, a bit slanted, such that it forms an ‘X’ shape.
3. Fold the upper straw downwards under the straw in the bottom as shown.
4. Now, bend and fold the rightmost piece of straw downwards.
5. Repeat the same again with the straw piece now at the right end, this time bringing the left most piece of straw under it.
6. Now, fold the rightmost straw upwards, while removing the left most two piece of straw from below it. Now, the left most straw piece and the folded piece must be aligned right next to each other.
7. Fold the right most piece downwards, while raising the left most piece on top of it.
8. Now, fold the rightmost piece of straw from under its adjacent straw piece.
9. Now, fold the rightmost straw piece backwards down, and then bring it on top of the left most piece of straw.
10. Fold the two pieces at the right corner downwards towards the back.
11. Now, insert the longer piece of straw through and out of the straw folding in the middle.
12. Now, cut off the excess off all the four pieces.
13. Voila! Your paper straws are ready for use. View the video for better understanding.

1. You can use multi-coloured or patterned straws to get a multicoloured or patterned heart.
2. You can use straws of two different colours to get a dual coloured straw.

Sarah Davis is the creative force behind, a haven for mothers who share a passion for art, crafting, and creative expression. Born and raised in a small artistic community in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sarah's journey into the world of art and crafting started at a young age when her mother, a talented painter, introduced her to the wonders of creativity.

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