DIY Pop-up Birthday Card | Card Making | Handmade Card

DIY Pop-up Birthday Card | Card Making | Handmade Card

It really means a lot when someone sends you a card, made by hand because they were thinking of you, wishing you well or they want to thank you for being you on your birthday. It is awesome to make handcrafted greeting cards. You are making someone happy- which makes you happy and it is fun.

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1. Take an A4 sheet and fold it to half.
2. Take another sheet of size 1 cm lesser than the previous one.
3. Mark the sheet as shown and cut it accordingly.
4. Now bend it as shown and crease it well.
5. Open the card and fold the respective part inward as shown.
6. Add some glitter sheets to decorate it.
7. Add some text like happy birthday, Best wishes, etc in black circular paper and stick it to the card with some paper strips.
8. Decorate the outer part of the card with some balloon shaped glitter sheets in different colors and some details to it.
9. Finally, customize your card by adding a few texts and present it to your beloved ones.

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