DIY Paper Bead Bracelet

DIY Paper Bead Bracelet

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Learn how to make Paper Bead Bracelet.

What we need?

Printed papers
Wood stick
Elastic wire

How to do?

1. Take a desired printed paper for your bracelet.

2. Cut papers in to stripes like 2 cm at the bottom and 1 cm at the top.

3. Take a wood stick and keep the paper’s bottom in the center of the stick.

4. Now start rolling the paper along with the stick. Roll till the end.

5. Stick the final edge with fevicol. Let it dry.

6. Just remove the bead from the wood stick.

7. Repeat the same for papers and make more beads.

8. Take an elastic wire and insert the beads one by one.

9. Finally gather both the edges of the wire and tie a knot.

Pretty and easy paper beads bracelet is ready to wear.
Elastic wire
Printed Paper

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