DIY : Origami Animal Faces – Dog | Art All The Way

DIY : Origami Animal Faces – Dog | Art All The Way

Check out this video on how to make this Origami Paper Dog.

Steps :

1) Take a squeare sheet (14 X 14cms).
2) Fold it diagonally.
3) Now you have a triangle, fold it in to half lengthwise to make a crease as shown.
4) Unfold and turn so the triangle is facing down.
5) Now roughly leave a finger gap and fold down the right edge as shown.
6) Do the same on the other side.
* make sure they are equally folded
7) Fold the bottom tip (roughly 1.5cm) as shown (we are almost done).
8) Now its time to draw the features!!!
9) Take a black sketch or a marker and draw eyes and snout (Nose) 😉
10) Voila! you are done!!!

Sarah Davis is the creative force behind, a haven for mothers who share a passion for art, crafting, and creative expression. Born and raised in a small artistic community in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sarah's journey into the world of art and crafting started at a young age when her mother, a talented painter, introduced her to the wonders of creativity.

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