DIY Dolls House Miniature. Take a Photo in this Tiny Photo Studio!

DIY Dolls House Miniature. Take a Photo in this Tiny Photo Studio!

This is an #AD​ for Mattel!
It’s time to have fun this spring with @Polly Pocket . You’ll discover the cutest crafts and DIY accessories inspired by 5-Minute Crafts. Let’s begin with the first one: a photo studio for Polly made from scratch. It’s fun and easy to make – all you need is some foam board, paints, glittery foam paper, and artificial decorative moss. For the decorations, add some artificial flowers to the moss, and use cotton as clouds!
And let’s not forget about the furniture. Here’s an effortless way to make a chair for Polly’s sitting area:
1. Take a piece of square foam board and cut a circle in the center using safety scissors.
2. Apply non-toxic glue on the round board and cover it with a piece of pink cloth.
3. Use tiny pieces of glittery foam board as the chair’s legs and some more foam paper as the back support, glue it in place and voila.
Another great DIY decoration trick for Polly’s house is the shelving unit. For this one, you only need some yellow popsicle sticks (or any color you like) and non-toxic glue.
Don’t forget to watch until the end of the video to discover the DIY glittery plant pot for Polly’s garden, and many more.
0:01 – A DIY photo studio for Polly Pocket
1:18 – How to make a miniature chair from scratch
1:42 – DIY shelving unit for Polly Pocket
2:01 – Cute DIY glasses for Polly
2:15 – Adorable DIY plant pot
3:00 – DIY hair accessories
4:06 – DIY glitter tattoo
4:53 – An awesome DIY headband
5:23 – DIY rainbow musical instrument for Polly Pocket
5:56 – Cute DIY Unicorn
7:04 – DIY sky-inspired set up for Polly’s airplane
8:02 – DIY unicorn headband

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