DIY : Chrysanthemum Bowl

DIY : Chrysanthemum Bowl

Chrysanthemum Bowl is so cute and this easy origami Chrysanthemum Bowl is no different. The best part about this paper Chrysanthemum Bowl is that it is so easy to make: you can fold yourself a collection in no time!

Step 1 : Fold up and flatten along the creases.

Step 2 : Make a crease and open out.

Step 3 : Flatten along the crease.

Step 4 : Repeat the same fold with all the other pleats.

Step 5 : Fold flap inside.

Step 6 : Repeat the same folds with all the other flaps.

Step 7 : Make creases.

Step 8 : Inside reverse fold.

Step 9 : Repeat the same folds with all the other pleats.

Step 10 : Fold flap down.

Step 11 : Repeat the same with all the other flaps.

Step 12 : Make a crease and pull out gently at top.

Step 13 : Push up and flatten the bottom as you pull.

And you’re done!

Sarah Davis is the creative force behind, a haven for mothers who share a passion for art, crafting, and creative expression. Born and raised in a small artistic community in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sarah's journey into the world of art and crafting started at a young age when her mother, a talented painter, introduced her to the wonders of creativity.

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