DIY Baby Hat with Newspaper: Best out of Waste Craft Ideas

DIY Baby Hat with Newspaper: Best out of Waste Craft Ideas

Waste Material Craft, Newspaper Craft, Best out of Waste Craft – Newspaper Hat.

Learn #DIY #Newspaper #craft : This tutorial will guide you step by step process in making DIY Hat.

Once you learn the basic technique for rolling the newspaper, then you can work on your own making ideas very easily.

This DIY hat is especially for the little one that will increase kids cuteness after wearing this hat. It is a very simple newspaper craft activity. So, what are you waiting for?

Just gather the following crafting materials which will be used in this newspaper craft activity.

These products can be purchased online at a very economical price.

Materials Required
1. Glue Gun
2. Spray Paint (Red)
3. Glitter Powder (Red)
4. Half Beads
5. Pollens
6. Foam Flowers
7. Paper Cutter
8. Glue
9. Paint Brush
10. Wooden Stick
11. Newspaper

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