3 Easy DIY Envelopes

3 Easy DIY Envelopes

Learn how to make 3 easy DIY Envelopes.
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Craft paper (printed on one side)
Scissors/craft knife
Fevi stick
Felt paper

1. Take a craft paper and cut it to the size of 15 cm*23 cm.
2. Fold the paper into one-thirds from either side as shown.
3. Take two small pieces of felt and cut hearts from them, one smaller than the other.
4. Paste the two hearts onto the top of the card as shown.
5. Now, tie a thread to hold the card in place.
6. Voila! Your card is ready to be posted. Write your secret ramblings down on the inside of the card and post it to the one it is intended for.


Craft paper

1. Take a square craft paper of size 20cm.
2. Mark at 9 cm from either corner. Do this for all sides.
3. Connect the marks with the marks made on the adjacent side such that tiny ‘X’ is formed in the middle and crease as shown.
4. Fold the sides along the crease lines inwards.
5. Now, fold the bottom. Finally, fold the top down.
6. Cut a small heart from another craft paper of a different colour.
7. Stick this in the middle to hold the upper flap in place.
8. Voila! Your easy paper envelope is ready for use.


Craft paper
Washi tape

1. Take a square piece of craft paper of size 15 cm.
2. Fold the paper in half diagonally from both sides. Crease well and unfold.
3. Position the paper in a diamond shape and fold the bottom of the paper towards the center crease. Fold again.
4. Fold one-third of the paper inward from the side. Fold from the other side as well.
5. Fold the top down towards the bottom center as shown. Crease and unfold.
6. Fold the upper side flap in half as shown. Crease well.
7. Now, separate the layers and flatten it down as shown.
8. Now, stick some washi tape on the sides as shown, to hold pocket in place.
9. Stick some on the bottom as well, sticking right in the center so that both the front and back is covered.
10. Insert the top flap into the pocket created.
11. Voila! Your mini envelope is ready for use!

Sarah Davis is the creative force behind ArtfulMoms.com, a haven for mothers who share a passion for art, crafting, and creative expression. Born and raised in a small artistic community in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sarah's journey into the world of art and crafting started at a young age when her mother, a talented painter, introduced her to the wonders of creativity.

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