22 Top Spy Hacks To Become A Secret Agent

22 Top Spy Hacks To Become A Secret Agent

Spies have all kinds of fancy gadgets, equipment, and tricks to help them accomplish their missions. They find out secrets, solve riddles, and discover confidential plans without getting caught. We’ve all wished we had some of their skills and tools at some point, and today our wish is granted! We’ll show you many spy hacks to help you solve your own mysteries and uncover hidden truths! Without further ado… let’s get started!

We’ll start with a much sought-after spy gadget: a blacklight! You’ll need a regular flashlight, red and blue markers, and clear film. Follow the steps in the video to find out the secrets hidden from plain sight. Then, we’ll teach you how to fake an arm that will fool anyone into thinking you didn’t take that object that went missing and a voice-altering device for your confidential conversations. We have more hacks, but you’ll have to come find them in this video…


0:29 – DIY blacklight
2:09 – Fake arm in hoodie
6:11 – Voice altering device
8:22 – Secret message in a banana
11:41 – Hidden storage spot in chair

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